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Seventy years of experience meet innovation

For seventy years we have been dealing with the world of bricks, designing and manufacturing complete plants and automation systems tailored to this sector, of which today we cover the entire production range: from raw material to product. A valuable experience that allows us to be ahead of the times and offer our customers proposals and solutions that are always current and effective, often avant-garde.

We develop tailor-made solutions for each customer, using the latest generation CAD systems and subject each machine to strict procedures for checking the quality of the product, in order to meet increasingly higher reliability, durability and efficiency criteria.

First to have introduced robotics in the brick sector, we are able to offer traditional solutions but also modern robotic solutions, which allow to increase competitiveness and efficiency.

We use sophisticated process supervision systems to automatically manage the firing and drying cycle, constantly checking the adjustments and production parameters. Connection via modem or internet guarantees the user the continuous assistance of highly qualified technicians and the possibility of remote analysis and management . Our analysis laboratory carries out technological analysis on clay mixtures, using methodologies proven by over twenty years of research in order to have a large amount of correlations between analysis data and industrial results, thus facilitating the overcoming of numerous production problems. In particular, we are able to analyze and determine the optimal characteristics of the waste to produce cutting-edge bricks through the processes of determining the chemical elements, determining the acidity of the clay, checking the shrinkage as a function of the humidity of the mixture, verification of the aptitude for rapid drying, determination of the preheating and cooling speed, verification of the mechanical resistance of the terracotta in compression and flexion, verification of water resistance, determination of the specific weight.

In addition, a spare parts service is available aimed at providing the customer with spare parts for their machinery in a short time, thanks to a stock of spare parts present in the company.