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Technological analyzes on clay mixtures

Our analysis laboratory performs technological analysis on clay mixtures using methods tested in over twenty years of experience, this allows us to have a large amount of correlations between analysis data and industrial results, facilitate the solution of production problems.
Moreover, given the plant engineering experience of our technicians, it is possible to predict the production cycles actually achievable in the plants based on the raw materials supplied.

The main activities of the laboratory are:

  • Assessment of the technological characteristics of clays from different quarries
  • Identification and study of solutions to be applied in drying and cooking processes
  • Deformation and shrinkage of material
  • Cracks and breaks
  • Reduction in mechanical strength
  • Efflorescence and surface discrepancy
  • Alterations in colour
  • Treatment difficulties in general
  • Study of optimized industrial mixtures for fast and high quality treatment
  • Study of industrial mixtures to obtain predetermined colours of the finished product
  • Technological analysis related to quality certifications

Each analysis carried out is complete with a technical report providing precise indications for the industrial use of the raw materials analysed.